Are You Tired Of Your Red Dead Redemption 2 Horse? Try A Giant Cougar!

The mounts of Red Dead Redemption 2 are some of the most impressive details of the game. Sure, horses are cool, but why would you settle for that? A new mod allows you to turn your horse into a massive pig, a gigantic wolf, or, even better, an enormous – sized cougar.

About The Mod

The mod was made by JulioNB, a famous modder whose work on the Grand Theft Auto modding scene is known all across the world.

The new mod is named “RDR2 Pig Rider wtf.”

It allows players to spice their Old West adventures by straddling the back of a huge pig. Also, the option of wrangling bears, wolf, and cougars exists.

The developer of the mod has posted various screenshots and demonstrational videos of each of the mounts, and they are amazing! The pig mount is so massive that Arthur standing upright, including his signature hat, is only a bit taller than it.

Purpose Of The Mod

The mod seems to be mostly about cosmetics. It aims to fully replace horses with pigs, meaning that you can do with a pig whatever you can do with a horse.

However, the mod is still under progress, and can only be downloaded and experienced by JulioNB’s Patreon subscribers.

The developer asks for $5 if you want to play the mod in the beta stage if you are impatient for the complete release.

Such mods are not exactly new to the world of gaming but are always welcome for a set of reasons. First of all, mods can improve the way the game is a player; that is if they don’t affect other players. Also, the constant addition of mods makes the game live longer by perpetually attracting new players or keeping returning players hooked up on the game.