EEK3 Will Stream Indie Horror Games

The gaming community has calmed down a little bit after notE3 finished last week, but that does not mean that we are out of the woods yet. Tonight, the people in the retro horror community Huanted PS1 are going to deliver their very own “EEK3” showcase. This will line up trailers for more than 40 low-fidelity horror games, together with a dark digital conversion center.

After we have experienced some top-shelf, expensive marketing during notE3, the EEK3 showcase happening tonight is going to be a much more low-budget, grimey sort of event. To give the vent a little bit of context, it is worth noting that a movement of sorts has appeared last year. Haunted PS1 is a decentralized community of indie developers and hobbyists of the genre that create horror games rooted in the visual style of the 90s. Following in the footsteps of contemporary developers, such as Arbitrary Metric, which have developed Paratopic and Kitty Horrorshow, Huanted PS1 has shown off in the past a number of low polygon scares with the Haunted PS1 Demo Disk.

Just like the free disk, the showcase of tonight is a great little initiative to show off the latest spooks in the indie gaming community. There are more than 40 games lined up for the showcase happening today. These are all games that have been released or are going to released later this year. If that was everything, it would not be a problem. This is definitely going to be an interesting stream, but the community might be a little oversaturated from this point of view because of the never-ending summer of E3.

In an unexpected turn of events, Marcus Horn and Bryce Bucher, which are contributors of Huanted PS1, have managed to create their own virtual E3 convention floor. It is painted in the same 4:3 low polygon stylings as the games.