Desperados 3: Best New Tactical Shooter

Desperados 3, the squad-based tactical shooting game located in the Wild West has finally launched. This is the third installment of the Desperado series, known for its Commando-style gameplay. The game has been developed by Spellbound Entertainment, with the assistance of Minimi, which also created Shadow Tactics. A review from Rock Paper Shotgun even called Desperados 3 “every bit as brilliant” as Shadow Tactics, the game that revolutionized tactical gaming. Many of you have possibly had the chance to play Desperados 3, as the game also has a short demo.

Desperado 3 returns with more squad-based tactical action. There is a squad made out of a trapper, a hitman, a witch, a bounty hunter and a seductive. These face various missions where their combined skills come together brilliantly.

Desperados 3 is an interesting game because it gives tactical freedom, and it has some beautiful, atmospheric maps, with a pleasant, multi-talented crew. This ensured the immortality of Desperados: Wanted Dead or Alive, returning with passion in the amazing Desperados 3. For example, you can use an axe to cleanse a clearing, but you can also use objects such as six-shooters, wiles or gas bottles and booby-trapped bags to achieve the same thing. The game’s Showdown mode enables you to synchronize multiple actions and queue commands.

You can check out the ingenious gameplay of Desperados in the completely free two-mission demo that is available on Steam, in the sidebar clutter of Desperados 3, and GOG. Now that the game is out, three DLC missions are going to come a bit later this year in the new season pass for just 12 USD. Players will also get two free content updates in July and August with four new bonus missions in the challenge category. Desperados 3 is now available on Windows on Steam and GOG for 50 USD. The Linux and Mac versions will come out this summer.