Hardspace Shipbreaker: Spaceship Salvage Simulator

Despite the absolute chaos going on in the gaming community right now, Hardspace: Shipbreaker launched its early access. The developers of this game are Blackbird Interactive, the same ones that developed the well-known Homeworld 3. Hardspace: Shipbreaker is a first-person sim that involves cutting up spaceships in order to later sell them as salvage.

Hardspace: Shipbreaker gives fans some insight into spacedebt and the tools needed to cut up spaceships. You need some tether lines, a cutting torch, and some basic awareness of how you are supposed to strip spaceship wrecks to get their parts. We will try to carefully get the extractable bits, while cracking, peeling and gutting ships. This all happens while we make an effort to not do anything that might lead to disaster and completely wreck the ships that we are trying to salvage. This game is essentially about inspecting a spaceship, figuring out how to take it apart, then following the initial plan without screwing up. You can figure screw things up quite easily, doing things such as cutting through an active line of fuel. What I have seen in the game has a bit of a Viscera Cleanup Detail vibe, as it walks the very fine line between destroying everything and artful procedure.

In the first stage of Early Access, Hardspace only has the first act of the main campaign and a sandbox mode. The developer’s plan includes spending an additional year to finish the campaign, building bigger and more complex spaceships, together with consistently adding randomly generated ships to the sandbox mode. The developers will also put in supporting, daily challenges and leaderboards. The actual price of the game is liable to increase at launch. Hardspace: Shipbreaker is now out on Steam Early Access, and it has a 20% launch week discount, bringing the price down to 20 USD.