Brawl Stars Update Available to Download with New Skins

If you love playing Brawl Stars with your friends, you came to the right place. Supercell has released a brand new update for the mobile game. It has the 26.170 version number, and it comes with many features and game changes. These changes are so significant that they will change the way we all play Brawl Stars.

The update will come to all Brawl Stars fans. You need to have a stable Wi-Fi network so you can get it. Let’s see what the full patch notes are.

There’s a new Brawler –  Jacky

The update comes with a new Brawler, called Jacky. She shakes up the ground and the enemies that are near her.  The main attack: Jacky hops on her Jackhammer and starts to shake the ground. The enemies that are near her will get damaged. She also has a super ability. She can drill a hole in the ground, and pull in her enemies. She also has a shield during her Super. She also has a speed boost: she gets a burst of energy and moves faster. Ahe has two-star powers: she reflects the damage received back to the enemies who are near her, and she reduces all incoming damage

There are new skins

The new skins are Mascot Darryl (for 80 Gems), PSG Shelly (for 80 Gems), Dark Bunny Penny (for 10 000 Star Points), College EMZ (for 500 Star Points) and Darryl Rework.

There are also new skins coming to April: Coach Dynamike (for 150 Gems), Tanuki Jessie (for 150 Gems), and Horus Bo (for 150 Gems).

Also, don’t forget about the PSG Cup. Starting with the 19th of March, you will be able to play this new challenge for rewards, for fame, and if you get nine wins, you will unlock PSG Shelly.