Black Adam Rumors and News — Everything We Know So Far

Black Adam will be a movie based on the DC comics. Black Adam’s character is a superhero in the film, but an anti-hero at the same time. What is thrilling about the film is the fact that The Rock will be the face of Black Adam. How’s that for a movie based on comics? Unfortunately, a lot of details are not available right now. We know that the film is practically in the pre-production stage.

However, even if we miss the other information, we still got something. We know the most important thing besides The Rock performing Black Adam. The release date of the film is set to December 2021. Of course, in the meantime, the time could be pushed to another year if the filming doesn’t meet up with the schedule.

More details about Black Adam

Besides the cast of The Rock for the primary role, the casting for the other actors is done. As we know by now, the central star is preparing for his character. Moreover, we know from The Rock that the filming will begin somewhere around July 2020, so we have to wait another five months to see some actual footage from the film. Alongside with the cameras moving, more information and insights will be online, so until then, four months to go.

We were mentioning above about the other cast that is playing in the Black Adam movie. Besides the famous Dwayne Johnson, no other actors weren’t announced by now. We will find more as soon as we get closer to the filming.

The Director of the movie is Jaume Collet-Serra, while the writers are CC Beck and Otto Binder. They are the ones who wrote the comic book and the character, while Adam Sztykiel writes the screenplay. What you should know about Black Adam is that the character is a fictional supervillain, and he is practically the adversary of the Marvel/Shazam Family. This movie will be entertaining to watch, and we can’t wait to find more details from the set.