Netflix Provided More Hot Details On Castlevania Season 3

Thanks to Netflix, we have new information about the third season of Castlevania. The streaming service had published the first picture from the next season. Castlevania is an animated video series inspired by the video game with the same name. You can find the image posted by Netflix on Castlevania’s Twitter account if you want to convince yourself. We are glad about the confirmation of Season 3 and what we find out from this.

New Castlevania Season 3 Characters Revealed

Netflix posted a header image for the show, revealing four characters. You will recognize one of the characters as being Carmilla. Carmilla is a boss in the video game and a secondary antagonist in the Season 2 of the show. However, the three other characters are new in Castlevania. Of course, from one image, we can’t find out what is the relationship between these characters or the allegiance. Even if we don’t know the characters, we can guess that they will have some crucial roles in the new season.

They would not appear in the header image if their role in the storyline wasn’t crucial for Season 3. Other official details we don’t have about the new season of Castlevania. From Netflix, we know that they started to work at the new season after Season 2 debuted. Also, Season 3 is marking the returning of some critical names in the team. People like the director Sam Deats, the executive producers Adi Shankar, Kevin Kolde, and Fred Seibert, and the writer Warren Ellis.

The Bottom Line

Finally, Castlevania Season 3 will have ten episodes, and from Netflix’s description, we find out that Trevor Belmont has new plans. He is the last survivor from his house, and he is trying to find a way to save humanity, and he will have a crew alongside. Belmont wants to save the world and fight against Dracula and his vampires.