Astro Releases Gaming In-Ear Headphones

Gaming accessories have become really popular in recent years, especially audio ones. Astro is taking a brave step forward with the release of gaming-focused in-ear headphones, a surprising move from a manufacturer known for over-year gaming headsets.

The A03 headphones come with a pleasant designs and three sets of silicone tips to fit all ear sizes. Early reports suggest that they deliver a pleasant experience with great sound quality. Their small design also allows users to use them and a pair of over-head headphones at the same time.

Wired and awesome

Since the A03 uses a standard 3.5mm plug, they are compatible with a large number of devices, including PCs, Xbox One , PS4, both Nintendo Switch versions as well as Android and iOS devices, which have a jack or a dongle.

Gamers who plan to purchase the upcoming console will also be pleased to learn that they will also work with the controllers used by the Xbox Series X and Series S as well as the PS5. Astro has mentioned that the plug is optimized for the CTIA standard, which means that on some devices, the in-line buttons aren’t usable.

Dual drivers

Each of the two earbuds comes with two drivers. One handles bass and lows while another is responsible for mids and highs. The dual-driver setup favors a rich audio experience as players will be able to enjoy a crisp audio experience.

The A03 package includes the headphones which also sport an in-line microphone and a case for comfortable storage. Two-color combinations are available in the shape of purple earbuds with a white cable or red earbuds with a navy-blue cable. Overall, they are a great choice for games who like to travel without large accessories.

Interested buyers will be able to purchase them soon, and they come with a $49.99 price tag.