Xbox 2 vs. PlayStation 5 – Would Microsoft’s Console Outperform Sony’s Device?

Microsoft has made itself a service by giving a big boost before the battle between Xbox 2 (Scarlett) and PlayStation 5 next year.

Both Xbox Scarlett and PS5 will launch in the Holiday season of 2020, and Microsoft has started to prepare for the big release date. We knew Xbox One’s fate from the moment it was below PS4. Well, the next-gen console from Microsoft looks like a real competitor for PS5.

On an X019 event, during which Microsoft announced brand new games, the company asked the fans to be patient because there will be more announcements made in the following year. Matt Booty has talked about it in an interview. He stated that they would show some new amazing things to us, but before the year ends, the company would show us more games that we can enjoy after the new year.

Xbox 2 – Can Microsoft’s Console Outperform PlayStation 5 As Regarding Exclusive Games?

Matt Booty proceeded to say that this will be one of the most exciting line-ups coming from Xbox Game Studios. They ask us to be patient and to keep an eye on the updates because there are so many new amazing games coming for us soon.

Halo 6 was already announced for the Xbox 2, and we do not doubt the fact that these will be one of the most incredible line-ups so far in the history.

We know for sure that Xbox has many games unannounced, which they are preparing for us, and we do not know when we will get the time for them all. It is quite exciting, actually, because for the very first time, there is something big awaiting us, and great games are coming our way soon from Xbox.