WhatsApp Shares Tips and Tricks for a More Enjoyable Usage of The App

There’s no objective reason to believe that WhatsApp will lose its first position from the top of the world’s most popular instant messaging apps. The Facebook-owned software currently counts around 2 billion users, which is a milestone that anyone would want for its app.

Users of WhatsApp have the possibility of many exciting functions, and they might not even be aware of them. That’s where the upcoming list of tips and tricks comes in handy:

Choose who can add you to groups

Perhaps we all have those precious friends who add us to awkward groups without even asking for our permission. While this annoys the Hell out of many people, the solution is simple as WhatsApp itself says:

“Once enabled, the friend who wants to add you to a group will be required to first send you an invitation link in the app. If you accept it, you will then be added to the group. If not, the link will expire in three days.”

This feature was added recently by the app. To enable it, simply go to Settings; Account; Privacy; Groups and choose one of the three options available: “Everyone,” “My Contacts,” or “My Contacts Except.”

Bookmark main messages

Trying to find old messages on WhatsApp can be difficult, considering that there’s no search function. But there’s still a good way to bookmark important messages for finding them easily: using the ‘star’ message function for bookmarking key messages that you can easily see again from a precise section. For doing so, just press down on the message that you need bookmarking and tap the ‘star’ icon.

Check messages without touching the phone

We all know that feeling when we want to check our phone for messages while we’re at work or school. Such a move could be risking, as many of us want to look like a saint in the eyes of our boss or teacher.

But by downloading and installing WhatsApp Web, you’ll get to see all your messages from Facebook’s app directly from your laptop.

Enhance expressivity with Stickers

Emoji’s are cool, but Stickers are legend. Don’t hesitate to take advantage of Stickers if you feel the need for an extra amount of expressivity for your messages. WhatsApp teaches us exactly how to do it:

“When you open a conversation, next to the field you input text into, there is a little square icon with a folded side page. When you click that, it comes up with your stickers – but you can add more! Find out how to download more stickers in WhatsApp’s FAQs.”

Read messages without the contact knowing

At least once in life, you’ll feel the need to not let a person know that you’ve read his or her message. You’ll just have to be a little stealthy and do this: when a message arrives n your phone’s lock screen, you must press down slightly on the message for pulling up the whole text. By this simple method, the sender won’t see the blue sign on his delivered message.

Pin important friends or groups

What could you do when you have messages from dozens of people but you frequently need to contact a precise friend or group? The solution is to pin your favorite friends or groups, so that they’ll always appear on top regardless of how many other people are contacting you.

Pinning on WhatsApp is like a walk in the park: for Android phones, you’ll just have to tap and hold on your favorite chat and tap the pin icon from the top. As for iPhones, users will need to swipe on the right on the targeted chat and then tap the ‘Pin’ option.

Surely there are also other WhatsApp features that people should know about. Feel free to share them with us, if you know any!