Rick and Morty Fans Prepare For a New Journey With Justin Roiland’s Show

Rick and Morty are our all-time favorites for more than six years! From space crazy, loving grandpa, ruined childhood, special moments to one-of-a-kind journeys, the duo is indeed the best to capture all of these.

About the Other Plans of Producers

Voted by many TV events, the show is produced by Adult Swim. Also, most of the share of the company entirely lies in this remarkable series. Rick and Morty are even considered the most appreciated animated shows ever produced.

And it looks like it does have a long run ahead, especially after 70 new episodes were announced! Such a thing will give the producers a lot of chances to explore various shades of the animated show. And also it might bring some new characters and stories.

Dan Harmon and Justin Roiland seem to be caught a lot in Rick and Morty’s world. They genuinely enjoy the animated series. Also, Roiland does have a unique project under development, dubbed Gloop World, that is going to be streamed soon on a service known as Quibi. It is possible, however, that Roiland won’t bring as much SF as seen in Rick and Morty.

The Plot of the Upcoming Project

Gloop World might sound a little bit odd, but this is how every project of Justin Roiland is. The two lead characters, dubbed Bob Roundy and Funzy, are anthropomorphic blobs. So, Gloop World will introduce us to Bon Roundy and Funzy world in suburbia. We will follow the characters’ experiences and journeys.

It does, of course, sound a little bit like Rick and Morty, be we can only wait and see. But the producers warned fans not to expect the upcoming show to be anything like Rick and Morty. The co-founders of the show is a company named Stoopid Buddy Stoodios.