Mad Max 2 Villain, Actor Vernon Wells, Refused To Return To Future Mad Max Movies

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The iconic ‘80s film actor Vernon Wells, who played in both Mad Max 2: The Road Warrior and Commando, won’t be back for the future Mad Max 2 remake movie.

Wells portrayed Wez, with the well-known red Mohawk in 1981’s Mad Max 2, which was his first role in a movie after some past TV work in his local Australia. After the film was a success, Wells got considered for many other roles in the Hollywood, including two 1985 works: Commando and Weird Science. This year, they are commemorating 35 years.

Wells stated that he’s talked to Mad Max executive George Miller about coming back. But Miller has not really responded to him, due to the fact that Wells’ first job was excessively famous, and Miller thought that the audience could never accept him as an alternate character.

So who is the new villain in the future Mad Max 2 remake?

But there is always a possibility that George Miller could adjust to his perspective. They are developing two different Mad Max films, and one would be a prequel to 2015’s cherished Mad Max: Fury Road. The other one is set over four decades after the third film, 1985’s Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome.

Considering the arrangements made for the future Mad Max films, Mill’s remarks to Wells are quite intriguing. According to Wells, there is a chance he will show up one more. It might not be that difficult for Miller to find a way to suit Wells’ desire, without making it too obvious for the crowds.

We mean, take a look at the other Mad Max films that had many elaborate costumes, which made the actor look totally different. Right now, we are waiting to find more about the future movies and the cast.