Google Play Store 19.5.13 Update Launched With Bug Fixes And Improvements

When the App Store was released alongside the iPhone 3G, it revolutionized the way in which users could install apps and games on their Apple smartphone. The idea of a digital storefront wasn’t new, but the streamlined process was a hit among fans. Google took into account the popularity of the App Store when the first versions of Android were launched, and offered its own take of the concept in the form of the Google Play Store, which included the option to download games and apps for free or for a price.

The success of the Android Market encouraged Google to add new types of content, among which we can count books and songs. In time the app became a bit overcrowded, and some users were confused about the availability of some content. For example, it wasn’t clear if one could access an eBook or songs purchased from the storefront without the need to own an Android smartphone.

New Google Play Store Update Brings Several Improvements And Bug Fixes

A major revamp was due, and Google did that. In 2012 many Android users were surprised when they learned that the Android Market had been replaced by the Google Play Store, which introduced a streamlined design and improved the search process for specific content.

With a focus on fresh experiences, several; updates have been released for the storefront, introducing new features and improving the overall access to relevant content. The transition to the popular Material Theme brought a redesigned user interface, with the content being divided into three main categories: Games, Apps, and Books.

In some countries, users also have the option to download movies, TV shows, and TV series, but this feature is limited due to copyrights and licenses. One of the best features of the Play Store is represented by the fact that it will keep apps and games updated automatically. New stability and performance improvements come with the latest Google Play Store 19.5.13 update.