Final Fantasy XIV Gamer died because of COVID-19 – Players pay tribute in her honor

What do we usually notice about an online game community? Definitely the frustration of some game players that are salty and most of them being toxic. People who scream at each other, and so on. We can think about a lot of negative things to say about any online game community; however, we are going to tell you next might shock you. The Final Fantasy XIV Online community has revealed something different. That is the sensitive side of online gamers.

The online Final Fantasy XIV gamers decided to pay tribute to a fellow player who died due to complications that are related to the COVID-19 virus. Just a few days ago, thousands of players had Online gathered their online avatars on April 11 to honor the death of the player Ferne Le’roy. The tribute was touching to watch, and it shows that there is more to the game community than anger.

Ferne Le’roy was part of a group called Free Company in the online game. Her teammates, also part of the same group, decided to hold the funeral in her memory. This amazing event took place on all of the 24 game servers. Thousands of Final Fantasy XIV Online players joined the funeral to pay their respect.

All players gathered in on the Final Fantasy XIV biggest city. They walked in a nice, organized single line toward the Guardian Tree. This was their way of paying their tribute to Ferne Le’roy. Le’roy’s Free Company was definitely not expecting to see such a large number of players joining the event. It is nice to see the gamers coming out as one. The event was shared only on the Zalera server; however, players from all servers joined the march.

The number of attendances reached up to 3000 players, according to the Zalera server, but there could have bene a lot more players.