ERPNext Offers The Best Open-Source ERP Experience

As technology continues to evolve, new tools become available, making life better for everyone. Many companies have access to tools that seemed to be a mere dream only a few years ago.

One of them is represented by access to robust ERP solutions that simplify the workflow for many small and medium companies from all over the world, as they offer a centralized toolset that can be employed to handle a large number of tasks without the need to license several programs.

Enhance the workflow with ERPNext

ERPNext is an open-source ERP suite that offers access to a wealth of handy features. Running a company can be quite complicated regardless of its size since there are many tasks that have to be tackled and tracked to ensure that everything goes as expected.

With ERPNext, it is easy to handle a lot of tasks. Create immersive promotional campaigns for customers, run loyalty programs, organize meetings, and manage services without issues. Coordinate a fast and efficient help desk that can handle requests and solve problems without dead times, making everyone happier.

In the cloud

A fully-featured solution in the cloud has to cover as many tasks as possible, and with ERPNext, you will find everything you need in a convenient place. Besides the tasks mentioned above, ERPNext can also handle tasks related to accounting, websites, asset management as well as dedicated support and help with bugs.

Due to its open-source nature, ERPNext can be implemented quite easily, and companies have the option to add proprietary apps with the help of the Frappe Framework. Those who want to test the platform first can do so with the help of a free 14-day trial, which offers access to all the features, top-grade hosting, and professional help.

Several price plans are available to suit the needs of different customers.