Could George Lucas Direct A New Star Wars Trilogy?

Disney bought Star Wars in 2012, and George Lucas was the one who sold it. Ever since then, the director had a minimal role in the franchise. However, fans have been debating whether George Lucas should make a comeback as the director of Star Wars. Now with the sequel series and Skywalker Saga coming to an end, we can’t help but ask ourselves if Lucas should come back. 

It is clear that Disney is planning to make more Star Wars trilogies in the future, and everyone is wondering if George Lucas would be willing to direct a trilogy. 

George Lucas directed 4 Skywalker Saga titles: A New HopeThe Phantom MenaceAttack Of The Clones, and Revenge Of The Sith. Two of these movies received praise from fans, but the other two are considered some of the worst Star Wars movies ever made. Judging by these four movies, it is hard to measure how Lucas would do with a new trilogy. 

Since Disney took over Star Wars, Lucas has been in semi-retirement. Currently, he is a creative consultant to various films and shows. According to him, he offered his original story ideas for Star Wars Episodes 7-9, but the majority of them were rejected.

When George Lucas retired, he mentioned he still wanted to make movies, but he wanted to step away from the Star Wars franchise. 

Lucas’ son told The Guardian his father decided to sell the rights to Star Wars to get away from the franchise. Ultimately, he planned to hand the franchise over to the next generation and offer his guidance when needed. 

Lucas hasn’t been a fan of everything Disney has done with the franchise, but he is still working with the company. 

 Hypothetically speaking, if Lucas decided to jump back into Star Wars, no one would argue the contrary. After all, the franchise would not exist without him.