Black Mirror Season 6 on Netflix – News, Rumors, Cast, and More

Netflix had a huge bum and success by bringing Black Mirror on the platform. Many people had joined on the platform, especially for some shows, including Black Mirror. Charlie Brooker and Annabel Jones create the show and, in 2011, had the premiere on Channel 4.

After some time, Netflix purchased the series and divided it into the fourth series. Black Mirror is a science fiction anthology that it is showing and analyzing our society with the technology we use. The idea is to see with different eyes what is the impact of the new and evolved technology, what is harming us and the others.

Details on the Black Mirror Season 6 on Netflix

Besides the series, Black Mirror exists in the form of a standalone interactive movie. We all are familiar with the title Black Mirror: Bandersnatch from two years ago. The last series of the show, the fifth, was launched in the previous year in June, and it has three episodes. Regarding the renew of season 6, we don’t have any information. We have for sure Brooker’s conviction about moving further with the series. He said some time ago that he doesn’t see anything that could stop him or the production for this series.

As to the launching date of Black Mirror Season 6, we don’t have precise information. If the next season is in development, it could take a while until we see it on Netflix. The developers had some problems with the delay of the production until now. Bandersnatch was one of the reasons that we have seen a delayed season five and only three episodes instead of six. So, if season 5 had a delay of five months, everything is possible to have season 6 at the half of 2020.

As can be seen, the information that we own are few, and the questions are many. If we will have six episodes in Season 6 of Black Mirror we don’t know, it depends on Brooker. What about the cast? Nothing is revealed, and looking at the other season, we could see a star and different new actors in the story.