Your Facebook Profile Might Have Been Leaked On The Dark Web

Many people around the world are living through the sixth week of home isolation.

Social media platforms like Facebook registered sky-high usage during that time since it’s one of the most popular ways of keeping in touch with your loved ones during the pandemic.

While Facebook is fun and useful for sharing trivial social data, it is also dangerous in a way that you are aware of but choose to ignore.


Facebook is known for putting its users’ privacy at risk for years now. That is unpleasant, considering that the majority of people have a Facebook profile.

Bad news surfaced lately – The profiles of more than 260 million users have been listed for sale on the dark web, the hidden part of the internet that you don’t have access to in conventional ways.

Data At Risk

Facebook isn’t the most trustworthy website when it comes to user privacy. It has shared private user data with third-parties and some app developers repeatedly over the past year.

The shared data was used for marketing purposes. However, the latest scandal is a bit different.

The database consisting of about 267 million Facebook users is on sale on the dark web for a bit over $600.

Researchers from Cyble, a cybersecurity intelligence firm, bought the database to check whether it’s authentic or not.

The bad news is that the data featured in the database appears to be genuine, and it’ consists mainly of users in the U.S.

The average record contains information like the user’s full name, unique Facebook ID, Gender, Date of birth, and even phone number.

Even though there are no reported stolen passwords, the data is enough to launch various cyberattacks, like spear-phishing, SMS attacks, bullying, or worse.