Yet another Update for Sea of Thieves

Are we getting to that time of the month so soon? Well, it looks like the answer to that question is yes. Rare, the game studio, has just updated their seafaring pirate game, and, as usual, there are a lot of new things that can kill the unexperienced landlubber. This particular update of Sea of Thieves is adding a lot of fleets of scary ghost ships that are going to be led by the fearsome villain known as Captain Flameheart. The game has made many updates to the non-verbal callouts system, which I personally find to be an important detail, and is a radial picker for playing music using your instruments, like all good sailors.

This change is of course because of the spooky ghost ships. These can appear around the sea in order to bother you, just like skeleton ships would. Megalodons can be called on cue to fight as well. It is rare to say that ghost ships are faster than any other enemies out there on the open seas. Normally, you have to avoid the scary phantom cannonballs and mines, which float casually in the ocean. Should you actually send the entire fleet to the bottom of the ocean, you will get to face the flagship of Captain Flameheart to the Golden Blade.

When it comes to the quality of life part of this game, Rare does not leave us hanging. They are making some changes to the inner workings of the non-verbal system. Before, you were able to conjure a radial menu, which allowed you to call important things, such as directions, incoming ships, or the fact that you are the current owner of a chest that is needed by the team. The text describing these important messages then got displayed on screen, thus helping players that did not want to enable their microphone.