Yakuza: Like A Dragon Impressions

The Yakuza game series has been fascinating since the release of the first game, offering an innovative take of video games that portray the activities of the criminal world. Yakuza: Like a Dragon rises to the name of the franchise, even if it hits a few bumps on the road.

Players will follow the adventures of Ichiban Kasuga, a pleasant hero who is joined by a party of colorful characters that include a former doctor, a club hostess, and a tough detective that can face any challenge.

Hit hard

As in the case of other Yakuza titles, there are a lot of random encounters that will surface as you explore the city. Some fans feared that the switch to a turn-based combat system would lead to a slower gameplay experience, but this is far from being the case.

While players can’t assume direct control over the position of their characters during combat, each fight is quite intense thanks to fluid animations and exciting combat moves. The ability to guard against certain attacks is a refreshing addition, as it adds another layer of interactivity.

Work for it

One of the other major changes is represented by a fun job system that can also be used to augment the class of each of the playable characters according to your preferences. There are also some drawbacks, as players will have to level every class to learn the special attacks that make a difference.

The title comes with an exciting story that will keep players engaged, but there are some major difficulty spikes that will surface along the way. While dedicated players may be able to beat them without too many issues, it is a great idea to tackle some side-quests and activities to increase your stats before heading to the next mission.

To conclude, Yakuza Like a Dragon offers a great experience for veteran fans and newcomers alike.