Yakuza: Like A Dragon Arrives Earlier Than Expected

Video game delays have been a thing across the game industry since the early days. However, in extremely rare circumstances, some video games can drop earlier than expected, pleasing millions of fans from all over the world.

The release of the Xbox Series S and Xbox Series X on November 10 has prompted Sega to boost the speed of the development process, as the game should have arrived on November 13. The title will be released across several platforms on November 10, and it will arrive on the PS5 in March 2021.

New gameplay

Fans of the Yakuza Series are familiar with the fast-paced beat’em’ up the gameplay of the franchise, but Yakuza: Like A Dragon plans to take a steep detour, bringing a fun party and turn-based combat along with RPG elements.

These aren’t the only differences as the game travels to Yokohama, a fresh setting, as all the other Yakuza games have explored different parts of Tokyo. Early trailers have showcased a vibrant city, and it is already clear that there will be lots of things to do in the new location.

Promising story

The title will follow a new main protagonist in the form of Ichiban Kasuga, who took the fall in a murder case and served a long prison sentence only to be nearly murdered when the release term was approaching. Betrayed by the ones he trusted, Ichiban will seek revenge.

In other news, the resurgent popularity of the franchise has led to a new announcement as Sega has signed a deal with two companies for the production and release of a  second live-action movie set in the Yakuza universe, with on older one being released in 2007.

Despite the turn towards a more strategic gameplay style, early hands-on impressions note that it lives up to expectations of wild elements and interesting mechanics that have made the other games a hit.