xCloud Might Come To PCs and Consoles

Smartphone owners can enjoy a wealth of games on their devices thanks to xCloud, which harnesses the full potential of the Xbox Game Pass. While the popularity of xCloud continues to grow, Microsoft is looking towards more ways to expand its streaming service.

According to a Twitter post shared by the head of the Xbox division, Microsoft is working on a version of the service that would work on PCs and consoles. Spencer noted that the xCloud team is hard at work on several tasks.

In the making

While it is unlikely that a potential launch date would drop in the following months, the feature would be a great boon for Xbox Pass Ultimate users since they could enjoy their favorite games across a large number of devices without worrying about system requirements or other limitations.

The Redmond giant paid a hefty sum on Zenimax, and one of the perks which come with the company is access to the Orion streaming technology, which could be used for future projects. Since the main focus of Orion is to facilitate high-quality streaming on slow connections, the future is bright.

Cloud gaming

Cloud gaming has started to become more popular in recent years as more users gain access to fast internet connections. Several cloud gaming services are already available on the market, with Stadia and GeForce Now being the main competitors for xCloud.

While GeForce Now enjoyed a large amount of praise in the early days, Nvidia hasn’t been keen on securing deals with video games publishers, and Stadia managed to secure stellar exclusives, which attracted a large number of users.

Access to Bethesda’s entire catalog, as well as several other studios that were own by Zenimax, will allow Microsoft to attract more people to Xbox Game  Pass, and it is likely that xCloud will be even more popular once it is released in more countries.