Xbox Series X Outperforms PS5, Ex-PlayStation Dev Thinks

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There is no doubt that Xbox and PlayStation have the best game consoles on the market. Both companies produced flagship consoles and have competed for years now. However, it looks like the Xbox Series X specs turned out to be a surprise for Sony, according to an ex-PlayStation developer. Xbox Series X is not a disappointing console at all; it has high specs, so we can see why it took Sony by surprise.

Ex-PlayStation Dev Said That Xbox Series X Takes PS5 By Storm

The former PlayStation developer, Chris Grannell, has worked at the company for 14 years. With the whole internet being crazy about finding out more details about these two flagship consoles, one of his tweets from last month has caught the attention.

In his tweet, the former PlayStation employee shares that some of his fellow co-workers were caught off guard by Sony’s latest deceive. According to a few PlayStation current developers, the power difference between the flagship consoles was “quite staggering.”

Next, the former developer shared the PS5 specifications on his Twitter account, where you can see the contrast between the Sony and the Microsoft console. The latest Xbox console has greater CPU and GPU power than the PS5.

“PS5 is not a bad console, it’s an absolute beast of a piece of hardware, but it’s just a piece of hardware which is slower on numerous kind of paths than what Microsoft has put together,” said Grannell during RDX podcast. He then goes one with the fact that some of his former colleagues believe that “the machine that Microsoft has put together is a beast compared to what Sony has put together.”

“I think Sony has kind of rested on their laurels a little bit. They’ve got this massive market share and lead, and they’ve done a kind of PS3 is what I’ve been hearing. It’s not that bad in terms of hardware and complications and things like that, but just a little bit of they didn’t really kind of appreciate what Xbox were going to try and do in terms of this power narrative,” added Grannell.

Real-time Ray-Tracing Is The Most Significant Advantage Of Xbox Series X

“There’s no question that they got caught off guard. There’s no question that Microsoft have been working a little bit closer with AMD on some of the technologies that they’re working on,” said Grannell about Sony’s reaction toward the Xbox Series X.

“I’m sure that’s going to cause a stir with a lot of people out there for me saying that, but there was confidence from Microsoft and Xbox in what they’ve put together, you only had to see that with Phil [Spencer] when he started talking about the PS5 reveal and they kind of knew that they’d made the right choices,” said Mark Cerny during a PS5 hardware video.

Besides the difference between the CPU and GPU, there is another factor that is setting the two next-gen consoles apart: the real-time ray-tracing.

“If you look at the throughput and ray tracing capability [of Xbox Series X] then you start to… understand why developers would be saying it’s kind of staggering,” added Cerny. “So you’ve got the maths, then you start looking at the real-time ray-tracing capability… that’s where Sony has been caught off guard.”

Another important feature that makes a game console great is the bandwidth SSD, according to Sony. PS5 won in this category with its high-bandwidth SSD, compared to the Xbox Series X. However, the raw speed of PS5’s SSD might have meaningful consequences when it comes to the game load as well as on the fundamental build of the console. This could change the way developers will build their game worlds in the future.