Xbox Series X News – Microsoft Acquired New Asian Game Studio

Microsoft announced the much-anticipated Xbox Series X during the annual Game Awards ceremony. This is the next-generation console that will compete directly against Sony’s PS5 and Microsoft wants to make sure that Xbox Series X has the upper hand. The reason why we are saying that is because Microsoft has just given the next-generation console a big boost that will help it take over the industry.

Xbox Acquires New Game Studio

The competition between next-generation consoles is not all about hardware power and impressive graphics. Gamers care more about the exclusive titles that they can access and this is why many are arguing that PS4 is better than Xbox One.

Well, Xbox Boss Phil Spencer is not going to let this be a problem anymore. The Xbox Boss revealed in a recent interview that the company has acquired a new Asian game studio. The studio will develop exclusive titles for Xbox Series X that are not going to be available anywhere else.

Phil Spencer Speaks Out

When asked about purchasing a game studio in Asia, Phil Spencer answered with the following statement: “Sure, we could do publishing relationships there, and we might do that, I think that’s fine. But I also think as we continue to evolve our platform, having a first-party studio voice at the table that is from Asia, whether it’s Japan or another market, would be a good add for us”.

Final Words

From the looks of it, Microsoft is determined to make Xbox Series X the best gaming console in the upcoming years. The tech giant is willing to invest revenue in purchasing game studios and this means that PlayStation fans are not going to be the only that receive access to amazing AAA titles such as “God of War” for example.