World War 3 Developer Announces New Partnership

World War 3, a modern military shooter, will be revamping and expanding together with a new publisher, according to Farm 51, a development studio. The game studio will partner with the global publisher MY.GAMES, which is known for the shooter Warface, on the game World War 3.  Farm 51 has highlighted repeatedly that this partnership ensures the fact that Farm 51 will retain creative control over what happens within World War 3. The only things that MY.GAMES will be doing are assisting with marketing, customer support, publishing, backend infrastructure and community management. These details will allow World War 3 to be a much more coherent game.

World War 3 will go through an overhaul before it is relaunched. In order to rebrand World War 3 completely, the sale of the game on Steam will be halted. Players that have already purchased the game, however, will be able to continue to play it. Neither the developer, nor the publisher of this upcoming game have declared that there will be some changes made to the game’s pricing method. Whether the game will become free to play and other distribution models will be revealed sometime in 2020.

Kamil Bilczynski, a developer and co-founder of Farm 51, has recently said something about the partnership. According to him, Farm 51’s collaboration with MY.GAMES ensures that a truly global approach can be taken with World War 3, while the game will still stay true to its essence. The original vision of the game will still be followed, while some additional effort will be made to polish the mechanics, core gameplay and to push the boundaries of the overall scale of World War 3.

In a developer log, some extensive changes have been made public before the 1.0 release of World War 3. These include new weapons, strikes and maps, which will be introduced alongside an entire Asian theatre of war.