With What Hot Features is Google Chrome Update Coming for iOS and Desktop?

When we say Google Chrome, we say the name of the most popular and loved browser since its appearance. Google Chrome is that kind of browser with a smooth and straightforward design, and it’s quite acclaimed for that. Because people like it that much, Google is delivering an update for it, with a lot of useful features. We will have Chrome 78 for Windows, iOS, Mac, and Linux with dark mode and many more.

Google Chrome Update

Fortunately for all Chrome users, the update is available worldwide, and you can now enjoy all the features it has to offer. Of course, the most wanted featured is the dark mode. Google is offering us the dark style through Chrome, and now every user can modify the appearance in the browser. For excellent surfing online through the night, this theme is the best, and you can have it everywhere in the browser. All the pages, menus, bars will be in dark mode, including the headings of the pages.

Moreover, if you are a desktop user, Google is coming with features for the tab pages, and you can now make a call with just one click. All you have to do is to right-click on the number you want to call. Choose yes to convey the number, and you are set. Chrome is doing now the job to send the number to your phone, and you can call the number.

Steps to Update Google Chrome

The first thing is to see if you have a notification of the update. If the update is available for you, then you will find it in the right corner of the browser, on the More button. Click on Update Google Chrome – Relaunch, and you now have the latest version of the browser.