Will An Asteroid Hit The Atlantic Ocean? Scientist Presents New Theory

Space threats might be more serious than we imagined. Dr. Natalie Starkey, a cosmochemist, shares a new concerning theory in her book titled “Catching Stardust”. She discusses the danger of asteroids and what would happen if one of them would hit one of Earth’s oceans.

“If we fail in the future to protect the planet from space threats, then we could expect a large asteroid or comet impact to wreak havoc on the Earth’s surface, resulting in major global changed and high death tolls,” explained Dr. Starkey.

Affecting the entire planet

Dr. Natalie Starkey theorized about such an event and its devastating effects. “It wouldn’t just be humans that would be affected, of course, but many other Earth species, too. A comet or asteroid impacting one of Earth’s oceans would result in huge tsunamis that could utterly devastate surrounding coastal regions,” added Dr. Starkey.

“It’s anyone’s guess how many millions of people would be directly or indirectly affected by a tsunami radiating out from an impact location in the middle of the Atlantic or the Pacific Ocean,” the scientist added. Dr Starkey continued by describing the effects of a pebble thrown into a pond and the ripples that even reach the pond’s edge. “Now, let’s imagine scaling up to a huge chunk of asteroid, possibly a few kilometres in diameter, traveling at unimaginable speeds – up to 40,000mph – into one of our oceans,” she added.

If space “pebble” would hit one of our oceans it would definitely wreak havoc on Earth. The scientist expects a huge tsunami radiating from the ocean. Since this is an unprecedented event it is hard to determine its exact effects. Nonetheless, Dr Starkey warns us that the collision could pose a threat to life on our planet.