When Will We Have a Vaccine for COVID-19? French Epidemiologist Provides an Answer

We all have to admit that the overall situation regarding the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic is not looking too good at all. USA, Brazil, and India are leading the top of the most affected countries from the globe, in exactly this order. There are currently over 137,000 deaths in the States because of the new coronavirus, and more than 3.4 million infections reported since the pandemic started. The daily number of infections is surging in India, Mexico, South Africa, and other countries.

Such a global scourge requires rapid measures. While it forced practically a whole planet into lockdown and other restrictions, scientists from laboratories across the globe are trying to develop a vaccine ASAP. And while the question that’s persisting into everyone’s mind is when will humanity have a vaccine against the new coronavirus, a French epidemiologist is ready to give us an answer.

We shouldn’t expect an efficient vaccine by 2021

Epidemiologist Arnaud Fontanet is coming to ruin our hopes that we’ll get a vaccine by 2021. Furthermore, his reasonable bits of advice is that we should learn to live with the virus and obey social distancing measures as much as possible. Among his statements, he declared as following:

“A vaccine is several years in development,”

“Of course, there is an unprecedented effort to develop a vaccine, but I would be very surprised if we had that was effective in 2021,”

However, there’s still a bit of a hope that we’ll see the vaccine coming by 2021. Fontanet may be considered too pessimistic by many, but if we look back in history, what he says is actually very reasonable. Scientists couldn’t find a vaccine for HIV, Sars, or Mers either.

Perhaps the best way to stay protected from the COVID-19 disease is to apply the simple measures that everybody knows about: washing our hands frequently, doing our best into staying away from crowds, and wearing a facemask. Health is the most precious thing we have, and defending it is the best thing that we can do.