Westworld Season 3 Would Feel Like An Entirely New Adventure

The Season 3 trailer for Westworld is out for the public, and it is quite a surprise for all of us. The world showed in the trailer looks foreign from what we knew until now, and the feeling that is giving you is that you don’t look at a new season. We also have a fresh look at the relationship between Dolores and Maeve and how it will work out. It is quite clear that Season 3 of Westworld will bring a new and different adventure from the last two seasons.

Westworld – Season 3 on HBO

Westworld has two seasons by now, and it is exciting for the storyline and the characters, with the sci-fi theme and the idea of pushing everything in the future. The characters have lived in the theme park, and now they will experience a new setting in the real world. They will have to face the changes with the experience accumulated from the theme park.

Besides this, we know from the actress Evan Rachel Wood who plays Dolores that her character has a lot of pearls with her. We can’t wonder what is the deal with the pearls that Dolores has is. Also, Dolores left a mysterious gem in Hale’s body after he got out of the body, and she rebuilt herself and Bernard. So, Hale will go out in the real world, but we don’t know for sure who she is.

More details about the Westworld Season 3

In essence, Westworld Season 3 will show Hale in the real world all by herself, alone, after the loss of Teddy. The decision was hard to take, and the regret could intervene as well. Also, a new character will come into the series, for example, Aaron Paul’s Caleb. Aaron will be the one that will face and challenge Dolores about the notions of humanity and nature.