Simple Ways You Can Trick Yourself Into Physical Activity

Physical Activity

We all know how important exercise is for our health and mental well-being. However, life can get so hectic that it feels hard to find time for it. The good news is that you don’t have to do all your exercise in a single time block — physical activity in multiple, manageable chunks is effective, too!

Sure, you could schedule half an hour for exercise in the morning but staying motivated is hard. Big changes require big commitments, but multiple small tweaks to your habits can leave you looking and feeling healthier without disrupting your current routine. Over time, you’ll have essentially ‘tricked’ yourself into a healthier lifestyle! Here are two nifty ways you can trick yourself into physical activity.

Take the stairs

Whenever you have the chance, take the stairs! You burn up to seven times the calories taking the stairs than you do taking the elevator. That’s about 8 calories for every minute on the stairs.

It might not sound like much, but those burned calories really add up over time. And it’s not just about burning fat — regularly working those stairs will strengthen your calves, gluts, and hamstrings, and leave you feeling healthier, too.

Also, many times it can be faster to take the stairs than an elevator!

Park farther away from your destination

The logic for this one is the same as the last: make yourself work just that little bit harder. Wherever you’re going, try to park farther away than you normally would. A few extra steps of walking won’t make you any later, and you’ll get some light physical activity in to boot.

Every step you take shaves 0.4 calories, so the more you walk, the leaner and healthier you’re getting. Practice doing this everywhere you go, and you’ll notice you’re breathing better and stepping stronger than ever.