Water Is Common On Exoplanets, Surging The Chances That Alien Life Exists

New research of the scientists is saying that water is the key to life, including alien life as well. The study shows many hours of analyzing the chemical composition of all the exoplanets they have discovered and studied. They think that our most precious source of life, water, is common for extraterrestrial worlds, and if this proves to be accurate, it means that aliens exist.

The Study

Scientists have studied information gathered from 19 exoplanets, such as the chemical or thermal proprieties. They have studied everything from small worlds to bigger worlds than ours, between 20C and 2000C. What was the universal answer for all of the planets? Water! Of course, the results were different from a world to another.

On the other side, diversity is at home when it comes to each world studied. The chemical composition is almost like a pattern for the extraterrestrial life. What had led to the formation of the planets from our solar system is a large quantity of ice and particles. If the similar characteristics and chemical composite will be found on other planets, then it means those vast quantities of water exist.

Water Is Common, But Alien Life Might Not Be

Moreover, with the help of telescopes from both the space and the ground, 14 from 19 planets had water vapor, sodium, and potassium. At the same time, these planets are low in oxygen. Thanks to the exoplanets, scientists have done an incredible thing by discovering and measuring the chemicals in the atmosphere. The giant planets from our solar system hadn’t been measured as the exoplanets.

Finally, all these kinds of discoveries are the ones that will lead scientists to find, understand, and change everything we know about the planets and alien life. Water is, for sure, our essential key to survival here on Earth. If the scientists can find if water represents the same vital element to other planets, and how much water can they found, then the future can look different.