Wasteland 3 Release Date Delayed Due To The Coronavirus Outbreak

wasteland 3

The release date of Wasteland 3 was delayed due to the ongoing pandemic. The players are forced to wait a couple of months extra. However, numerous leaks have spread ion the Internet and they are showing the characteristics of the game and which features it is going to bring.

The third version of Wasteland is bringing improved maps compared to the older versions. This time, the game is equipped with high-resolution images and bigger surfaces to explore. For example, the Colorado map in Wasteland is bringing a larger scale than the Arizona map brought during the Wasteland 2. In addition to this, the storyline brings a denser set of actions, as well as more exploring options for the character.

About Wasteland 3 Release Date and Features

The impressive surface of the maps comes with an impressive amount of challenges for the players. Many missions are added and problems will be everywhere. The developers promise to display a non-repetitive content with experiences that have never been introduced in the gameplay until now. Therefore, several types of enemies are added to the storyline to improve their unique experience.

Initially, the company has announced that the game will be launched on the 29th of May for PlayStation, Xbox, and computer. The release date was postponed and the game will be available on the market starting with the 28th of August. The officials motivated that the release of the third version of the game was postponed because of the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. They shut down all the activities in the studios, and all the employees are now working from home.

The deadly virus has even determined a couple of production issues, and therefore, the officials decided to postpone the release for three months. The good thing is that the beta version of Wasteland 3 will get even more time to receive the reviews and optimize the experience according to the suggestions of those testing the game.