Wartune Patch 9.3 Introduces Devil’s Armor and Two New Dungeons

R2 Games has released a new patch for Wartune this month. The free-to-play strategy Hybrid MMORPG browser game may have been launched back in 2013, but it’s still going strong seven years later.

With an increase in hero classes, dungeons, PVP content and boss battles, R2 Games has announced a new patch for Wartune – patch 9.3.

Patch 9.3 went live on March 18th on all the servers, and players around the world got to see the new content.

However, if you have not been up to date with the latest Wartune news, here is what you should expect from this patch. Before heading to the 9.3 patch notes, there are also some exciting news!

Starting with March 16th and until March 20th, players will be able to get daily rewards to celebrate the new patch.

Let us learn more about the new Devil’s Armor and the two dungeons.

Wartune 9.3 – Official Patch Notes

Patch 9.3 brings a new armor to help Heroes increase their strength on the Road to Revenge. Two new dungeons are available: ‘Lych’s Road’ and ‘Every Second Counts.’

We have split the patch notes for Wartune 9.3 among the three new additions. These are not the full patch notes for Wartune 9.3. To learn more about the rewards each cleared dungeon offers, check the official patch notes on Wartune’s forum post here.

  1. Wartune Patch 9.3 – Devil’s Armor

Level Requirement: Peerage

Entry: Astro -> Nemesis -> Devil’s Armor

Devil’s Armor

  • Polishing can upgrade your Devil’s Armor using Hone. Devil’s Abyss and Attributes will be unlocked after upgrade.
  • Obtain different Devil’s Pearls from Lych’s Road. A Devil’s Pearl max level is 20. Low-level Devil’s Pearls can be synthesized into better ones.
  • Put Devil’s Pearls into Devil’s Abyss to activate the effect. The Devil’s Pearl level can’t surpass Devil’s Abyss level.
  • Use Carving Stones to upgrade Devil’s Abyss and improve your Attributes.

Devil’s Pearl Synthesis and Recycling

  • In the production panel, players can synthesize high level Devil’s Pearls.
  • Recycle Green and Blue Devil’s Pearls to receive Carving Stones. Recycle Purple Devil’s Pearls to obtain Carving Stones and Purple Devil’s Pearls Shards.
  1. Wartune Patch 9.3 – Lych’s RoadAfter the player completes a Peerage successfully, enter Lych’s Road via NPC Bera in Cloud City.Stage Settings:
    Lych’s Road has 10 levels and each level has 6 stages. Players need to challenge them in order. After all stages in the current level have been completed, players can enter next level.

    Battle Settings:

  • Sylph, Goddess, Holy Sword, Relic, Willpower, Cuties, Eudaemon and Titan will be locked in Challenge. (Nemesis Skill is usable.)
  • Each Challenge costs 10 Energy. The maximum Energy is 200. Energy will be reset at 00:00 every day. You can use Balens to purchase 100 Energy each time, up to 8 times per day.
  1. Wartune Patch 9.3 – Every Second Counts[Hall of Heroes] -> [Event Dungeon]
  • Talk to Time Traveler in the Dungeon to start the challenge.

Gameplay Info

Players can challenge repeatedly, but will only obtain rewards once per day. Multiplayer Dungeon (can challenge alone).

  • Talk to the NPC in the Dungeon and click “confirm” to start the challenge.
  • Time will be displayed at the top.
  • After the player kills this level monsters, next level monsters will be refreshed automatically until all monsters are killed or no player survives.
  • Players’ HP will not be restored in the Dungeon. Other players can’t enter the Dungeon after the challenge starts.
  • Players will get the rewards of the highest level they have cleared (No accumulative rewards). If the player clears all levels, they can obtain extra rewards according to clearance time.

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