VLC Mobile Remote – Version 2.4.4 Fixes Various Bugs

VLC Mobile Remote is one of the top-rated apps of the moment. It is effortless to use, has fantastic customer support, regular updates with extra features, and comprehensive, minimalist design.

Most controls of the app are free, like play, pause, stop, volume controls, play next/previous, seek, fast forward, fast rewind, full-screen toggle, repeat, shuffle, aspect ratio, loop, DVD control and more!

The app has a straightforward setup process that can be done with the built-in setup wizard or installing the helper app -VMR Connect to your computer.

The app is available for iOS and Android devices. Also, there is Apple & Android watch support, which is nice to have.

The significant aspect of VLC mobile remote is that it helps you control your PC or Mac from wherever you are located, which makes it a lot simpler to binge-watch services like Netflix, YouTube, and others!

It can control mouse, keyboard, and shut down or restart your computer!

Current Version

The app has just reached version 2.4.4.

With each new version, the developers either add new content to the app in the form of extra functionality or patch unresolved bugs.

The patch notes of the newest version don’t say more than “bugs fixed,” but we trust that the developers did their best to resolve as many of the app’s problems as possible.

We recommend getting the latest version of the app from Google Play Store to avoid contracting viruses or malware from unknown sources.

To update VLC Mobile Remote, you can either keep your device connected to a reliable network and wait for it to update the app automatically or, if you disabled auto-updates, go to Google Play Store, search for the app, and tap the update button.