Vaping Ban Asked By A British Columbia Lung Specialist

A British Columbia lung specialist asked the government to implement a vaping ban. That comes as the logical consequence of the increase in the cases of lung diseases caused by vaping e-cigarettes.

Some years ago, e-cigarettes and vaping, subsequently, were deemed as a healthy alternative to standard smoking. While e-cigs do not deliver tar in the lungs, like smoking tobacco, vaping can also cause lung damage and even cancer.

That is because these products are high in flavors that are chemical products to give a specific taste to the vaping liquids. “It was just a matter of time, and sad to see,” Dr. Chris Carsten stated. He added that a vaping ban is the only solution to tackle the lung disease caused by e-cigarettes.

“It sounds extreme, but I think it’s at least reasonable to consider. I think it’s the time to be fairly aggressive now, and then potentially over time, if we can find safer products and safer use of products, we could rollback,” added Dr. Carsten.

Vaping Ban Asked By A British Columbia Lung Specialist

The British Columbia lung specialists Dr. Chris Carsten is not the only one thinking of measures against vaping. The Health Minister Adrian Dix said yesterday that British Columbia is already preparing a plan against e-cigarettes and vaping. He added that Canadians would soon have official measures against e-cigs, but that’s not at all about a vaping ban.

“We don’t want to create a situation that’s conceivably worse where you’re creating a large black market,” stated Adrian Dix.

“We in British Columbia are going to lead the country. No one else is considering or contemplating or moving forward with what we’re going to come forward with within weeks here in British Columbia,” Dix added.

The cases of lung disease caused by e-cigarettes increase in their number weekly, something that attracted the attention of health officials in Canada and the US. Now, a British Columbia lung specialist asked the government to adopt a vaping ban. Things will get tough for e-cig smokers.