Upcoming: The release of Diablo 4

Gamers are in for a big surprise. The long-awaited sequel to the fascinating Diablo 3, Diablo 4, is finally confirmed to release. After eight long years of waiting, it was about time for another RPG in this classic series to appear. Below is everything you need to know about your soon to be a favorite game, Diablo 4.

After a long and tiring waiting period, Blizzcon 2019 saw an amazing announcement: the release of Diablo 4 by the game developing company, Blizzard. The game will be available to play on PC, but also on consoles such as PS4, Xbox One, and, of course, next-generation consoles.

The brand new Diablo 4 game will be an isometric action role-playing game (RPG). This game will feature the daughter of the recurring character, Mephisto, known as Lilith. Diablo 4 will be unique, having a non-linear campaign and a day/night cycle.

Certain rumors have been circulating about Diablo 4. These seem to indicate that the game scape will contain an open-world map, having about five major regions that players will be able to explore. Players will also be able to see all of this virtual environment by playing as one of five classes. Out of these five classes, the appearance of three of them in the game has already been confirmed by Blizzard.

For now, there is no clear indication regarding the release date of Diablo 4. Unfortunately, this information will probably not be made public shortly. According to a statement made by Diablo 4’s director during a 2019 Blizzcon, the final version of the game will probably not be available in the near future. This is likely to mean that the game will not be finished within the next year.

There are, however, some good news regarding the release date. Diablo 4 is probably going to come out within the next two or three years.