Unusual Twitch Stream of Hyper Scape, Ubisoft’s New Battle Royale

After an entire week of peculiar tweets and a completely fake company website, Ubisoft have finally entered the fashionable battle royale ring with their new release, Hyper Scape. A “Technical Test” for the surprise upcoming game has landed in the hands of some streamers a bit earlier today. There are already over half a million viewers tuning in to take a look at the hectic urban battlefield developed by the folks over at Ubisoft. Through some Twitch drops, lucky viewers can even get their hands on the upcoming game themselves.

As you can see, Hyper Scape is using the Valorant technique as a release method. Ubisoft, the publishers of the game, have managed to get a number of founders to stream the game on Twitch. If you watch these founders, you will give yourself the chance of entering the Hyper Scape arena sooner than the rest of the players. It has only been streaming for a few hours, but, so far, it seems like a neat, although quite hectic, run-and-gun survival game through the virtual streets of the fashionable New Arcadia, a sci-fi city with a little bit of a European style.

The game has been brought to our attention through streaming, which gives it a good look at the integration features the game presents on Twitch. Once in a while, viewers will be able to vote on events for the current match. This can have various results, such as revealing all remaining players on the map or giving everyone an infinite amount of ammo. Personally, I have watched the stream a little bit at some point. The gameplay seemed immersive and fast-paced, and at some point I even laughed a little. Gravity in the game cranked down, so the particular streamer I was watching was promptly sent into orbit. It is refreshing to see a game that does not take itself too seriously.