Undungeon, the Dimension-Warping RPG, just Released a Free Demo

Undungeon is now available on Steam. Does the name not say that much to you? Do not worry, we will explain. The game was developed by Laughing Machines and is a hack’n’ slash and loot’ em up. A free demo for the game was launched together with a new trailer during the not-E3 weekend. This lets you roam the post-apocalyptic ruins of seven Earths, while playing as Void. Void is a ghostly Herald that hops through different worlds, and it is quite a goth-y character.

The game’s funding begun on Kickstarter in 2017. Undongeon is a beautiful cosmic-horror action-RPG set in a timeline where some absurd dimensional problems went down. There are seven different varieties of planet Earth, and they have been smashed together in a multi-colored environment. This wiped out humanity and left bands of alien warlocks to pick up what there was left.

This new demo makes you play as Void. He is one of the seven playable Heralds, which are actually a species of aliens, one for each dimension of the new Earth. Void is a scary skeleton man and he has the ability to lay mines and to perform a dimension-rupturing dash. During the opening of the demo, Void crashes face-first into an arid desert made out of pixels. Honestly, the beginning does not look that intimidating, especially since Void is getting beaten up by little bugs.

After the introduction, some more RPG elements come than it was originally expected in the game. The dialogue is surprisingly dense, which I personally enjoy. It feels nice to play a story-oriented hack’n slash once in a while. Small talk and the occasional loot drops, together with the new location create an overworld that feels a lot like the older Fallout games. Besides, your progression in the game is usually interrupted by some chance encounters with either friends or enemies.