Uncharted Movie To Commence Production Next Month

Uncharted the movie will begin shooting in a month from now on, says Tom Holland. In the long-development, the film will be full of Nathan Drake stunts and his original signature. Holland is also saying that the forthcoming movie will be a prequel of the games, especially from the Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End on PlayStation, and from the four Nathan Drake saga by Naughty Dog company. So, next month the filming will begin; unfortunately, we don’t have an official date.

About the Uncharted Movie

If what Holland is saying is true, then shortly, we will see photos from the movie set, and we will find out more details about what is happening in the film. The director is also declaring that the fourth installment of the Uncharted game is his favorite so that he will have a lot of inspiration from it.

Holland speaks to Tom Rothman about the game, and the last recommended the director to play Nathan Drake. This was that conversation that started the wheel of the plans and movie. In Berlin, the team has a great stunt department that is doing a marvelous job, and Mark Wahlberg will be playing Sully.

More details

All the declaration made by Holland seems real because nobody mentioned in the interviews and statements had something opposite to say. After the last delay, the Uncharted film will come on theaters on March 5, 2021. Also, they will take a new approach with the film and the character especially. We will see the young version of Nathan Drake as we haven’t noticed by now.

For the most part, we see that Holland is very optimistic about the forthcoming movie Uncharted, even if we saw how many directors were in and out of the production. We are hoping that the film will be successful, and it will not ruin the franchise in the eyes of the public.