UFO Hunter Allegedly Discovers a Secret Underground Base for Aliens

A UFO hunter claims to have discovered something that sounds highly unusual: an alien base entrance. He has used Google Earth to zoom in on the peculiar spot.

Scott C. Waring, a Taiwan-based UFO hunter, is the administrator of a website and a YouTube channel bearing the name “ET Data Base.” He is also the administrator of a related project, known as UFO Sightings Daily.

On May 13, Waring declared that he stumbled upon what he called an underground base. This is supposedly on an isolated island within Indonesia. In order to make the contents of the picture clearer, he added some contrast to the image.

On his website, Waring posted some information about his spectacular find.  He explains how he found an entrance to an underground base somewhere in Indonesia, on a secluded island. He says that the entrance can be seen without looking too hard on Google Earth and the detail about this doorway stands out when you add some contrast to the screenshot.

Waring also said that judging by the image, the UFO that flew right out of this doorway was exiting the alien underground base. The question that comes to mind is how we know that this doorway is meant for exiting the base. The explanation is quite simple, according to Harding. The deeper insides of the tunnel are closed in and have collapsed, but the area of the outer surface is wide open. It seems to make sense that aliens would have their underground base somewhere on an isolated island, as very few people are likely to wander there accidentally.

Waring has posted the video of his discovery on his YouTube channel, where he explains all the steps he took to reach the spot using Google Earth. Using a tool called “Google ruler,” Waring concluded that the entrance is about 20 meters long, and the general base area is a little over 46 meters across.