UC Browser Turbo 1.9 Update – Which Are the New Features?

Ever since it has been released for the first time, UC Browser Turbo 1.9 has received impressive reviews from fans. The browser has been specially designed by UCWeb and is powered by Alibaba Innovation Initiatives Business Group.

The latest version has just been released, and it has already managed to catch the attention of a wide range of users all over the world. A not too long time has gone by that the application has received 20 million downloads on a global scale. 12 out of 20 million users are from India.

The application is available in 148 countries, and users have access to set their preferred language, being able to choose from 23 international languages. The options include Indonesian, English, Thai, Hindi, Russian, Arabic, Portuguese, and Spanish.

The increased interest was noted just after the release of the upgrade. The updated version of UC Browser includes “Video Playing in the Background” and “Private Space.” Both of these applications offer unique characteristics that are not usually seen in a browser.

Private Space was specially designed to offer its users a safe, secure, and private browsing environment. This option can be used not only for hiding online video content but also for encrypting files with the help of passwords.

Video Playing in the Background is the feature that allows users to play media content in the background while navigating on the Internet in the meantime. In addition to this, the Share function that has recently been introduced allows its users to share website links in a user-friendly manner.

UC Browser Turbo 1.9 is highly renowned for its light memory occupancy. It only needs 35MP internal storage memory for the 32-bit version, respectively 40MP for the 34-bit version. UC Browser has the AdBlock feature enabled, offering a more convenient search engine, with a simple to use design.