Ubisoft Is Re-enabling Clash in Rainbow Six Siege

Rainbow Six Siege has Operation Grim Sky, which included the shield-bearing defender, Clash. The character was disabled from the game one month ago because of a bug in the game. Fortunately for all players, Ubisoft is coming with great news about the character. The clash will go back with patch 4.2 and other bug fixes.

Clash Is Coming Back in Rainbow Six Siege

The company posted the official patch notes on Reddit with all the details and fixes you need to know. The patch Y4S4.2 was launched yesterday for the PC user, but for the console users, we don’t know a definite date. At the same time, Ubisoft didn’t explain if this pack will come with a permanent fix or not.

Besides this, we know that Clash has a unique design, so the bugs will appear more often than we wish for. The company has done all that it could to keep the operator functionally, but sometimes things don’t work as planned. Take note that Ubisoft is taking a close look at all the problems the game is having, so besides Clash, other fixes are coming.

Moreover, patch 4.2 has a 1.5 GB size, and the fixes are applied to the level designs, the gameplay, and other operators from the game. The novelties and the most notable fixes are regarding the hostage. With this update, the hostage is in danger, even behind a solid wall or with reinforcement.

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Finally, the patch is fixing the issue with the fragile map props. When a projectile hit them, the destruction wasn’t complete. Another fix is coming to the Goyo’s Volcano, which you can destroy it without damage, fire, and explosion. You will see that the user experience is quite improved with the patch 4.2 in Rainbow Six Siege, from minor cosmetic modeling to the operators’ guns.