Twitch Prime Subscribers Receive a Series of Rewards

Summer is almost here. As is always the case, we are about to get a lot of free games and a bunch of loot on offer if we are subscribed to Twitch Prime. Below is a list of games that will be added this month:

  1. Forsaken Remastered
  2. The Flame in the Flood
  3. Project Warlock
  4. Stell Rats
  5. Observer

All of these games will be available for free for all Twitch Prime subscribers since June 1. Subscribers will be able to claim their free game throughout the entire month of June. What’s more, Twitch is also offering 22 SNK games to its Twitch Prime subscribers, in three different drops. The first drop is already live, and it includes the following:

  1. Pulstar
  2. Fatal Fury Special
  3. Samurai Showdown 2
  4. The King of Fighters 2002
  5. The King of Fighters 2000
  6. Blazing Star
  7. Art of Fighting 2

The amazing giveaway does not end here. Subscribers will also be able to access three Daedalic adventures: Anna’s Quest (until June 5), Silence (until June 12), and The Last Tinker: City of Colors (June 2019). The monthly loot rewards include a lot of goodies, such as the Loba Game Master skin for Apex Legends, a Zofia Operator Set for Rainbow Six Siege, the Doom Eternal Mullet Slayer Master Collection,  Champion, Rare and Epic wildcards and, finally, a Twitch Prime capsule. Subscribers should remember that the loot rewards have an expiration date, and the expiration date for some of them is already drawing near. For example, the Zofia set is only available to redeem until June 4.

Twitch Prime is part of Amazon Prime, so everything listed above and much, much more, will come with a Twitch Channel subscription, free shipping for some products on Amazon, and access to Prime Video.