Try New Content in Star Citizen for Free for the Next 11 days

Star Citizen, the space simulator game developed by Roberts Space Industries, is now launching an event where everyone with just an account will be able to try out the new ships in a certain category. The event will offer rotating content and will last a total of 11 days.

Gamers will now be able to try the immersive Star Citizen space simulator for free. In one of fits free fly events, anybody with an account on the game can test the brand new ships, regardless of whether they own them or not. The event starts on May 22 and ends on June 1. The event in 2019 permitted players to try every single ship, but this year’s event highlights the UEE Navy Ships. The available ships will change every few days, so you can log back in to try the new rotation occasionally.

All the details about the event can be found in the Invictus Launch Week guide, released by RSI. If you do not know that much about Star Citizen, its developers have the solution for you. A welcome center was created to familiarize yourself with the game, even if it is unfinished, On the welcome center, you can even create an account, so you do not go through all the hassle.

As Star Citizen goes, 2020 has been quite an interesting year. Some controversies have circulated regarding feature changes that the developers have promised to implement, but have not, as everything in Star Citizen comes with a substantial delay. The game has also suffered from the settlement related to the CryTek lawsuit. Star Citizen, a space simulator developed by Roberts Space Industries, is noted for its dedicated fans and for the high-profile crowdfunding it manages to achieve. By 2019, the company had raised more than USD 250 million.