Trump’s Oldest Sons Are Attacking Joe Biden’s COVID-19 Approach

Eric Trump and Donald Trump Jr have recently faced harsh criticism in light of their recent declarations that attempt to destroy Joe Biden’s public image. While Trump Jr has decided to express his disbelief with the help of an Instagram meme where Biden’s father was represented as a pedophile, Eric Trump declared that the ongoing pandemic is only a political weapon that would help Biden to gain terrain.

Both claims were publicly released on the 16th of May. After a wave of intense disbelief has hit the whole world, Trump Jr’s official declaration stated that its post was a mere joke. In addition to this, he decided to push forward with his accusations and underlined that the former vice-president of being an “unwanted touching.” A series of pictures that were taken during congressional ceremonies were presented misleadingly, in Trump Jr’s try to damage Biden’s image.

As a response, Joe Biden’s spokesman declared that the ongoing accusations of the former vice-president sexual assaults count for neither the death of 90,000 Americans nor Trump’s negligence during the COVID-19 pandemic. In the meantime, Joe Biden has publicly neglected all of the accusations, while Donald Trump is the protagonist of various sexual misconducts and assaults.

In addition to this, Eric Trump has declared that COVID-19 propaganda will be present until the 3rd of November, which is the election day. Moreover, during that exact day, the coronavirus situation will “magically disappear.” Kate Bedingfield, Biden’s communications directors, underlined the enormous impact of this situation on both human lives and the economic sector again.

It is not the first time in history that the Trump family decides to adopt this type of attack against Donald Trump’s opponents. Back in 2016, Hillary Clinton has experienced wide-ranging attacks during the election. Biden’s team has publicly declared that this attempt will never shadow the campaign.

This article was originally published don The Guardian.