Top 4 Minecraft Alternatives Available to Play

Yes, Minecraft is insanely popular and a great way to get your ambition and creativity stimulated. Being released by Mojang nine years ago, and purchased by Microsoft in 2014, Minecraft is currently in the top three best selling games in history alongside Tetris and GTA V.

But no matter how great and popular a game is, you can still get used to it and want something more. Maybe even something highly similar, with the same concept, but that also brings something new. That is exactly what we’ll be covering here, bringing you not one, but four alternatives to the legendary Minecraft game!


This game is available only for mobile devices, and it’s offering a larger game world than Minecraft Pocket Edition does. Simple player survival is the key, requiring the player to pay closer attention to the environment. Dangerous animals are lurking, and you also need to get your character to eat and sleep in this game.


This one is available for Android, iOS, and PC. The player has to harvest, explore, and craft, but also to get involved in some 2D action-RPG. He can encounter and interact with NPC’s who can provide help in fighting the terrifying bosses.


Available only as a PC version, this game is another 2D creation that focuses on block construction and crafting genre. The protagonist flies off his home planet and lands on another, where he is forced to adapt somehow. He has to harvest resources, and craft equipment for his base and starship. But monsters can ruin his plans and attack him anytime, so he should beware!

Toca Blocks

Toca Blocks is available only for Android and iOS, and it’s a great alternative to Minecraft. Players have to pick up and combine different types of blocks to create new structures or objects, with each of them having their own unique characteristics. They can be bouncy, hard, or squishy.

These games will greatly entertain you and make you love games like Minecraft even more!