Top 3 WWE Superstars Who Are Gaining Momentum as the Year Ends

Momentum is a crucial element for every Superstar in the WWE. While some may have lost it as the end of the year comes closer, several Superstars have remarkably gained it.

As a matter of fact, if the end of 2019 is a pointer, the WWE world could be very different when the new year comes about. Even though this might sound a bit naive, the Superstars WWE is at the moment selecting to push appear to perfectly fall into this ‘category.’ With that being said, here are three Superstars that appear to be gaining momentum.

Top 3 WWE Superstars Who Are Gaining Momentum as the Year Ends


The Authors of Pain have not completed a match yet, ever since their return to television. However, they are still the most impressive in the team division at the moment. This isn’t only obvious from the fact that Akam and Razar are now linked to former Universal Champion, Seth Rollins, but they also have some new sinister looks.

However, they look better than their prior runs in WWE, which has demonstrated the WWE Universe how ominous these two men are. WWE is enabling then to run rampant on Monday Night Raw, and they will keep doing so for the moment.

This way, WWE can further its development of the white-hot momentum they currently have going for the team, and perhaps even bet than on a match with The Viking Raiders.


There was a time when Asuka completely tore down anyone that opposed her. This, however, lasted for approximately a year before WWE shut down on her undefeated streak at WrestleMania 34.

WWE even made her fight against Carmella and James Ellsworth and had her lose in their favor. This was a massive step backward for Asuka in comparison to where she was a year ago.
After this episode, WWE seemed to redress this by having her get The SmackDown Women’s title from Becky Lynch but then took it from her with Charlotte Flair beating her the following month.

However, Asuka never gave up and teamed with Kairi Saine, winning the women’s tag team titles.
This was not only the start of an essential winning streak for the pair, but it also caused their brutality to increase. As a matter of fact, Asuka has now pretty much earned the winning mark for the second time in her career and is known as the only Superstar that Becky Lynch has never beat.

If not otherwise, this is huge for Asuka, as well as a sign that they want to do something with her as the new year comes.

Baron Corbin

Baron Corbin has managed to win over Roman Reigns two different times. Even though his successes were acquired with less than legitimate ways, it still leveled him up in the WWE rank. It might also be the propel that will launch him into the title picture of next year and perhaps even to an independent title run.

This remains to be seen, but making Kurt Angle retire at WrestleMania, earning the 2019 King of the Ring, and winning over Roman Reigns on two different occasions obviously makes him deserving of a title. Moreover, this makes him one of the best of this decade.

However, everything depends on the company, bit the momentum, and all necessary opportunities are there. As always, do let us know what you think of this in the comments below. Also, tell us who you feel is gaining momentum, whether from those we listed or other Superstars.