Top 3 MAFS Stars That Changed Drastically Over Time

The contestants of Married At First Sight, or MAFS, are undergoing massive transformations that ultimately make them famous in all households in Australia. Last year’s participants in the show gained overnight fame with their periods on air, but with their popularity, severe changes have also come. Here is a reminder of what the 2019 cast was like and how they look now.

Top 3 MAFS Stars That Changed Drastically Over Time

Liz Sobinoff

Liz Sobinoff was one of the favorites, and also the one that had the most striking changes of all the 2019 MAFS contestants. After having no luck in last year’s crowded season, Liz reappeared for another round as an intruder, but it now looks drastically different.

After her time on MAFS ended, Liz got rid of the platinum blonde extensions, and now has brunette locks and not such a strident make-up. She has also lost a lot of weight since last year due to some health issues.

Liz has an auto-immune condition that resembles lupus and porphyria, a blood issue that impacts her nervous system and internal organs. The contestant stated that she manages to control the chronic illness by consuming a diet high in carbs and avoiding alcohol, coffee, and tea.

In spite of the explanation for the drastic weight loss, many fans have reported being concerned that her weight loss is because of the fat-shaming she faced on MAFS. Sam Ball, her on-screen husband, complained that Liz was ‘bigger’ than other girls he dated, but then he went on and cheated on her with Ines Basic, another participant in the show.

Jess Power

Jess Power was last year’s bad girl, taking advantage of every second of the spotlight. She had lip injections and dyed her hair blonde before her apparition on MAFS; she allegedly spent $50,000 on cosmetic enhancements after the show began.

Back in July, Jess had presented her D-cup breasts, which were achieved via a $16,000 intervention. She, though, stated that she is annoyed by people who say that her looks are only due to the interventions and injections she has had.

“I’ve always been told I look fake, even before having anything done. And without a sort of blowing my own horn, it’s just because I am a pretty girl people are calling me fake and putting my beauty down to procedures,” Jess said.

Cyrell Paule

Cyrell Paule was nicknamed ‘Cyclone Cyrell’ back in 2019 and for a compelling reason. She fought with Jess, Ines as well as Martha Kalifatidis in a rather capitally way, which resulted in the now renowned wine event at the reunion party.

However, since she left the show, Cyrell has not been involved in any MAFS drama again; instead, she is getting ready for a new and much more meaningful role. Cyrell is heavily pregnant and allegedly due to give birth to her child one of these days.

The reality star fell pregnant back in 2019 after a few months of dating Eden Dally, which was a contestant in the Love Island TV show. The couple has had a hard relationship, but they are now allegedly back together.