Tiger King Fans Say That Nicholas Cage Is Not Appropriate For Playing Joe Exotic

The fans of Tiger King are not shy to share their opinion about Nicolas Cage playing the role of Joe Exotic. And the public opinion is that Cage should not play Joe.

Of course, not all fans agree with this opinion; however, most of them do. Only one day after the actor was announced to play Joe Exotic in Tiger King, the internet exploded with opinions. Some of the fans believe that David Spade should take the role of Joe Exotic. Apparently, this role is more appropriate for Spade than Cage, according to fans.

The fact that Nicolas Cage will be part of the upcoming scripted series has received mixed reviews from the fans. And the internet is the perfect place to be opinionated, people started a debate on who should play the role of Joe Exotic. Cage or Spade? Comment below with your opinion.

Fans are sure that Nicholas Cage should not play Joe Exotic in Tiger King

If you haven’t heard of the Tiger King, it is an upcoming TV series. This TV series is a new adaptation of the Joe Exotic: A Dark Journey Into the World of a Man Gone Wild article written by Leif Reigstad.

The story is about Joe’s life, as the name of the original article has it. Tiger King also portrays his life. Dan Lagana, from American Vandal, will be some sort of a showrunner in the upcoming TV series, while Cage is going to play Joe Exotic.

Comparing Nicolas Cage to Joe Exotic, we can see the resemblance. However, fans believe that David Spade is more suitable for this role. But, the similarities between Exotic and Cage are hard to pass. A person could say that Cage was born for this role.

The next season of Tiger King will feature eight episodes. However, no one knows when the upcoming season will air. As most of the times, fans took the debate on Twitter, so here are a few fans that disapprove with the choice of Cage having the role of Joe Exotic: