The Witcher Season 2 on Netflix Is Under Production Now

Even if The Witcher has not yet debuted, Netflix is making some waves with its new production. We will see after the debut if Netflix could stand up with the video games and the books. Of course, the fans will have a say, and this will be visible, but Netflix is rolling. The streaming service company is also announcing the second season for The Witcher.

If there is one thing that everybody is having, are the excitement and the wondering for the date of the future launch of a series. From what we know until now, and if things will not change in time, the Witcher will come on February 17th, 2020. Even if the company decides another date, we are hoping that the wait between the seasons will not that long.

Besides this, in season one, we will see the collection of short stories of Andrzej Sapkowski called The Last Wish. The first season will have eight episodes, which means, of course, that it will not be enough to cover everything. That’s the reason why in the first season, only some events from the stories will appear.

The Witcher Season 2 on Netflix Is Under Production Now

Also, Tomek Baginsky, the Executive Producer of The Witcher, is saying that it is not known yet if the first season will end with The Last Wish, or with Blood of Elves. Fortunately, even if two seasons aren’t enough for everything they want to put in the TV series, Lauren S. Hissrich, the showrunner, is saying that she prepared seven seasons for the show.

Drawing to an end, The Witcher is starting with the Kingdom of Cintra, which is under invasion by the Empire of Nilfgaard. This event is changing some lives, especially the one of Geralt. Princess Cintra is escaping from the invasion, and she is accompanied by Geralt and Yennefer of Vengerber, the sorceress.

The three of them will unite and bond through their journey. A lot will happen, so they must escape from a lot of dangers and civil wars. Count the days, because, on December 20th, The Witcher will launch on Netflix.